Company Info

Guiding Principles

Loita was founded in answer to a growing demand for first-class financial services in Africa. With this catalyst, Loita aims to:

  • Provides innovative products and services which accurately reflect the emerging markets in which it operates
  • Develops an outstanding cadre of African professionals who have an appreciable stake in the success of the company
  • Originates cutting-edge practices and technologies which contribute the rapid growth of African economies
  • Supports private sector initiatives in Africa through greater access to credit and capital as well as management expertise

 Above all, Loita seeks to be a leader which is professional, creative, ethical, responsive and enabling to the individuals and companies with whom we work. Loita’s leadership is derived from:

  • An extensive on-the-ground presence throughout Africa, Europe and the United States
  • A high standard of delivery from its professionals An ability to respond quickly and effectively to our clients, respecting their unique needs and preferences 
  • Access to local knowledge and the ability to apply it in each transaction
  • A forward-looking view of Africa and its growth potential

 The Loita Group is made up of several companies spread throughout the continent of Africa. The Group is divided into the two major expertise areas of Financial Services and Information Technology.

Loita News

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Loita's work in bringing banking to underserved segments of African countries Justin Chinyanta nominated one of the CEO's of "Frontier 100"