Associated Companies and Services

Loita Capital Partners International (LCPI) is part of a network of companies, which aims to provide the finest in financial services and technology to Africa. We endeavour to maximize our links to our associated companies and partners to provide the ultimate value to our clients.

LCPI is owned by Loita Holdings Corporation Africa, which also owns Fintech International, an information technology company focused on the financial sector in Africa. Established in 1993, Fintech provides solutions in banking systems applications; internet banking; e-commerce products; training and associated software and hardware.  It currently has offices in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, from which it maintains and supports over 60 major software and systems implementations on behalf of its banking clients.

Loita Holdings Corporation Africa has further developed IT support to the financial services sector with the development of its electronic funds transfer systems and switching business which is managed under Loita Transaction Services (LXS).  LXS currently either holds the majority shares or owns the following national switches:-  Kenya (wholly owned); Zambia (partial); Zimbabwe (majority).

Loita Group Services, based in Mauritius, is the operational headquarters of the Loita Group of companies, providing internal support and strategic management to the Loita Group of Companies, primarily comprised of Loita Capital Partners International, Loita Transaction Services Limited and Fintech International and their subsidiaries. LGS also offers various financial services and information technology solutions to companies in Mauritius.

Ecobank, Malawi is a full-service merchant bank serving the business community in Malawi. Established in October 1999 in Blantyre by the Loita Group,  this bank has been active within Malawi in stimulating the inter-bank market, lending to exporters of tobacco, textiles, coffee and other non-traditional exports, acting as agent to innovative capital markets instruments and providing value-added money management services to its clients. In its first year alone, Ecobank (then Loita Bank) Malawi was able to build up an asset base of approximately US$ 12 million.  In 2007, Loita approached Ecobank, a reputed and growing bank in Eastern Africa to acquire majority stakeholding as well as control of the bank.  This changeover took place 31st January, 2008, further consolidating the bank's position in Malawi's local market whilst injecting fresh capital as well as benefitting from the association of a larger financial institution.

The Loita Group made its first acquisition of another financial institution in 2000 when it purchased the Industrial Credit Company (ICC) in Ndola, Zambia. ICC became the premier leasing company in Zambia under the Loita banner, whilst also providing a base for ICC's Africa-wide leasing activities.  ICC has recently been sold after achieving this objective. 
Loita currently has minority stakeholding in:
  • EcoBank, Malawi - previously known as Loita Bank, Malawi

After three years of Loita Management, Finance Bank Zambia positioned itself to go public in 2008. Loita continued its technical assistance during this transition phase. After five years of restructuring and managing Banque Africaine Continentale (Rwanda), Loita Capital Partners International successfully completed the privatisation of the bank on the 30th September 2004. The bank was being managed by Loita on behalf of the Government of Rwanda and a key tenet was to assist them in the privatisation of the bank.


In 1999, the Southern Africa Enterprise Development Fund (SAEDF) invested in convertible preference shares in Loita Holdings Corporation Africa becoming Loita Group's biggest institutional shareholder and SAEDF's single largest investment to-date. SAEDF is a US$100 million regional equity fund. The fund invests in private sector enterprises in 11 countries throughout the SADC region.


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