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Grant Announcement

The Eric Edward Roy Fund for Education in Africa, Inc. (EERF) announces it second grant for education support in Malawi. The Board approved a $2,500 grant for the Malawi Children's Village (MCV), a New York-based not for profit started by former Peace Corps volunteers and Dr. Chakunja Sibale, a Malawian doctor, in 1996.


The grant will support students, AIDS orphans, attending secondary schools, and cover the costs of books and school supplies for both secondary and primary school attendees.

In Malawi there are over 500,000 children who are classified as "AIDs orphans," children who have lost their parents to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Malawi Children's Village serves the rural area of Mangochi, providing health care, AIDS education, and general support for the some 3,000 orphans in 36 villages. Each village headman selects two adult volunteers from his village to work with the various programs of the MCV. Each volunteer is issued a bicycle and blue shirt with the MCV logo so that these 74 men and women can monitor the health and welfare of each orphan, and assist the family with whom the orphan lives.

At present, the MCV is providing support (fees, books and school supplies) for over 170 secondary school students. Each student supported is expected to give back to his village by undertaking volunteer activities in his community. With its training in basic health care throughout the area, and the support given to ensure that orphans are able to attend school, considerable success has been recorded by the MCV in reducing the number of children requiring intensive nutritional care.

The success of the adult volunteer program is such that the services that they can provide have recently extended to expanding potable water supplies and introducing irrigation systems using locally-made "wind" pumps that produce enough water for small "orphan" gardens. In addition to the secondary students now being supported, the MCV also supports 180 primary school students. Paper, pens, books and desks are almost nonexistent in the Mangochi area. Many classes take place under a tree as there are few classrooms.

This grant is for one year. The funds provided serve to support the secondary school cohort for one semester, including the books and supplies needed.

The EERF was formed in the District of Columbia in July, 2000, and received Federal tax exempt status as a public foundation in November, 2001. The Fund is certified to operate in the State of New York, and maintains offices in New Rochelle, New York, and Johannesburg, South Africa.


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