Bank Management

Loita believes that Africa’s financial institutions offer some of the greatest unlocked value on the continent. Accordingly, Loita has entered into technical management agreements with several banks wherein Loita seconds a number of its professionals to a full-time management team in operations, treasury, credit and marketing and financial control. The banks concerned enjoy not only the direct benefits of the senior management team on the ground, but also the skills and support of Loita personnel across its enterprises, which we believe promotes pan-African cross-fertilization and greater value across the Loita group.

Loita has provided technical management (whilst also taking a shareholding stake in some instances) in a number of African financial institutions.  Loita currently has sold its minority stakeholding in AfrAsia Bank (Mauritius) end 2008, however continues to hold a minority stake in  Metropolitan Bank Zimbabwe.  Loita completed three years of management of the largest indigenous bank within Zambia, Finance Bank Zambia. Loita has previously offered technical services under a management contract to Versus Bank, Cote D'Ivoire and National Finance Credit Company Ltd, a longstanding credit and savings institution until approval of the Central Bank to change its status to that of a fully fledged commercial bank was granted. Recently, on the 30th September and after five years of restructuring and managing Banque Africaine Continentale (Rwanda), Loita Capital Partners International successfully completed the privatisation of the bank. The bank was being managed by Loita on behalf of the Government of Rwanda and a key tenet was to assist them in the privatization of the bank.

What we do
In every bank with which Loita partners, we aim to:

  • Perform a thorough due diligence exercise and set performance targets accordingly
  • Advise on the optimal operational structure and personnel management
  • Introduce new investment banking products into historically commercial banks
  • Maintain a superior cadre of local staff and provide the expertise of our international staff to the bank’s optimal profitability
  • Mobilize new deposits and foster long-term client relationships


Exemplary Transactions
Angola - Banco de Poupanca e Credito
Malawi - Finance Corporation of Malawi
Rwanda - Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (PTA Bank)
Sub Saharan Africa Region - HSBC Equator Bank
Tanzania - 1st Adili Bancorp 

For more information about Loita’s bank management teams, contact Mr. Justin Chinyanta of South Africa LCPSA Office, at

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