Treasury and Capital Markets

Loita provides its customers with proven access to the global capital markets, bringing new debt issuers to the market as well as lowering the cost of borrowing for existing issuers.

Regional and local capital markets issues within Africa are an area of specialisation for Loita. The group has been instrumental in structuring and marketing local currency-denominated treasury and corporate bonds, commercial paper, medium term notes and other money market instruments. Loita’s capital market products answer borrowers’ persistent financing needs in the face of commercial banks’ lending conservatism while at the same time provide innovative new instruments for institutional investors.

Loita’s Treasury expertise is the natural complement to its activity in debt issues. Loita can share the treasury management principles it puts into practice in its own banking subsidiaries with other financial institutions across the region. We have found that sound treasury practices are a key to catalyzing efficient and profitable use of funds throughout our markets.

What we do
Loita’s Treasury team fully expects to provide groundbreaking solutions to its clients’ cash management and local debt needs. In practically all of the countries in which we have worked, Loita has introduced a new product in the developing capital markets. We therefore offer a host of capabilities to meet clients’ needs:

  • Debt issues: advise on appropriate debt instruments; assist in regulatory approvals and processing; sponsor issues on local exchanges; lead debt investor roadshows; provide investor relations services
  • Treasury: review a financial institutions' portfolio provide management technology, advise on cash position and liquidity, source funding and/or placement in the interbank market , develop liability management strategies.
  • Cash Management: provide working capital cashflow management services to corporate financial controllers lead training seminars on money market instruments.


Exemplary Transactions
Angola - Sociedade Mineira do Lucapa lda
Kenya - Republic of Kenya
Malawi - Press Corporation Limited
Malawi - PTA Bank
Sub-Saharan Africa Region - East African Development Bank
Uganda - PTA Bank May 1999
Uganda - PTA Bank March 1999
Zambia - PTA Bank 

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