Full Service Commercial and Merchant Banking

The culmination of Loita’s expertise and capabilities resides in its wholly owned banking subsidiaries. Through a determined investment strategy, Loita has established or acquired fully operational financial institutions from which it will grow its business in those countries. Its commitment to equity holdings demonstrates Loita’s conviction that its medium and long-term investments will bear the greatest fruit and provide added value to our partners and competitors.

Loita Bank, Malawi was established in October 1999 in Blantyre as Loita Investment Bank. Loita professionals had already been engaged in the Malawian market for a number of years, most notably in a technical management agreement in a local bank. Loita Bank, Malawi built on this experience, offering a full suite of investment banking products and corporate service to Malawi’s business sector. In its first year, Loita Bank, Malawi was able to build up an asset base of approximately US$ 12 million. Loita Bank, Malawi opened its first branch in Malawi in Kanengo, Lilongwe in November 2002 in order to ensure that financial products and services, which are already leaders in the market are available to the heart of the economy through this full branch operation.  In December 2007, Loita sold majority stakeholding as well as control in Loita Bank, Malawi to EcoBank.  Ecobank, a reputed and growing bank in Eastern Africa further consolidates the bank's position in Malawi's local market whilst injecting fresh capital as well as benefitting from the association of a larger financial institution.

In August 2000, Loita acquired 100% of the Industrial Credit Company (ICC) in Zambia, the leading leasing finance institution in the country. Based in Ndola on the country’s copperbelt, ICC will continue to excel in its core business of leasing finance, while also expanding its operations, particularly in Lusaka, to include investment banking products to the many corporates its serves.

What we do
Loita’s financial institution subsidiaries provide an array of services:

  • Liability management
  • Short-term export financing
  • Other corporate lending
  • Leasing finance
  • Debt management and balance sheet restructuring
  • Capital markets issues, including banker’s acceptances, commercial paper and bonds
  • Treasury and inter-bank market activities
  • Corporate finance services, including privatization and merger and acquisition advice.
  • Research and analysis of the local and regional markets


Exemplary Transactions
Malawi - Loita Bank, Malawi
Malawi - Finance Corporation of Malawi
Rwanda - Banque Continentale Africaine
Sub Saharan Africa Region - Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (PTA Bank)
Sub Saharan Africa Region - HSBC Equator Bank
Tanzania - 1st Adili Bancorp 

For information on Loita's banking expertise please contact Mr. Justin Chinyanta at jchinyanta@loita.com.

For other information please send an email to loitags@intnet.mu and we will put you in contact with the person who can best assist you.


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