Structured Trade and Project Finance

We recognize that much of Africa’s capacity lies in its own trade potential, a potential often by archaic banking practices. We work closely with our trading and exporting customers to understand their businesses and to structure working capital facilities that match their operations.

By matching the currency of a client’s borrowing with that of its export proceeds and by correctly relying on cash flow rather than balance sheet size as a source of repayment, Loita has effectively met client trade finance requirements.

Loita’s demonstrated expertise in structuring and arranging medium term finance has paved the way for the successful completion of challenging project finance transactions in non-traditional areas.

What we do
Loita’s operational approach to structured debt finance is based on two principles:
1) attentive consideration of the client’s particular transaction or project and
2) timely implementation of a customized solution. With this approach, Loita provides services in the following areas:

  • Receivables discounting: advise on balance sheet restructuring; arrange financing facilities based on future receivables.
  • Asset-backed financing: arrange financing facilities based on the optimal assignment of fixed assets; provide security custody arrangements.
  • Medium- and long-term project finance: arrange an appropriate mix of financing structures for expansion or restructuring needs; provide technical assistance for financial monitoring.


Exemplary Transactions
Angola - Angola Telecom
Angola - Angolan Bank Consortium
Cote d' Ivoire - Societe Internationale de Cafe-Cacao
Malawi - Afrexim Bank
Malawi - Press Agriculture Limited
Malawi - Transglobe Exports
Malawi - PTA Bank
Mozambique - Societe Marromeo
Mozambique - Banco Comercial de MoÇambique
Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe Steel Company
Zimbabwe - First Banking Corporation
Zimbabwe - PTA Bank
Zimbabwe - Heritage Investment Bank 

To contact our Structured Finance team, please  send an email to and we will put you in contact with the person who can best assist you.

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